interdisciplinary education

My sink is still shiny and it is slightly spreading to other areas. BUT I am behind, I know fly lady says otherwise, but I do have eyes and it’s true. I don’t have CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome), I have the much less accronymical, but much more common PCOAAIDMC syndrome (People come over anyway and it drives me crazy) syndrome.  I have children, I have a life and clutter and laundry have not stopped that. 

At my nephew’s wedding, my mother was regaled with stories of an en vogue teaching technique: interdisciplinary education. Interdisciplinary education involves professors of different disciplines teaching subjects together, thereby adding depth and context to a subject.  Here is my homeschool/fly lady version.

We have an activity we do.  It can take up to 40 minutes.  Here are the learning subjects involved:

Math: sorting, counting, matching, and size differentiation

English: This is adjective heaven..with many descriptive words to qualify all the material we are dealing with. (I’m refusing here to recognize weeping wailing gnashing of teeth or other nonverbal communication)

Science*-object manipulation, aerodynamics, heat, water and chemical changes, attention to detail and discrimination.

History-observation of materials in various states of aging, comparison of changes between living and nonliving forms through time. Story sharing.

Physical Education-gross motor skills:lifting, throwing, carrying, and dodging projectiles.  fine motor skills: folding

social skills-awareness of others, hard work, cooperation, communication and conflict resolution.

spanish-we are learning the colors and some basic words in spanish

Music appreciation-okay this is a stretch, though we do sing together, it’s not exactly classics…it’s more like this…  (see? Spanish again) or this…

What is this amazing activity?  Have you guessed?  Folding and putting away the clean laundry.  7 loads, because we did another two today. So if we have this highly educational activity that is so helpful, Why don’t we do it more often? Because we get busy and I forget about the laundry…I think that’s called repression.  Then I go to bed, it’s late and all the worker Kelly’s are asleep, so I put some of my laundry away and put the rest in baskets by my bed.  When I do remember I choose to do something else because I dislike the nonverbal and verbal communication that magically appears every time I say “Laundry party in my room”.  My children are smart, homeschooled children, so my use of the word party is not enough to distract them from the truth.  I have discovered that even with such a highly effective, very educational, super activity such as this…I don’t always do it…even though it makes me feel better when I’m done.  Why do we do that to ourselves? I’m still learning.

So what are your interdisciplinary learning activities?

* sorting dirty laundry adds exponentially to the learning potential of the activity in the science realm…especially when you check the pockets.

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2 Responses to interdisciplinary education

  1. Mama Rachel says:

    LOL! Oh, Britt, you never cease to crack me up! You are such an amazing lady, and such a good writer! Can I be you when I grow up??? *sigh*

    Rachel K.

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