Situations Awaiting Wisdom

a shiny sink

TADA! A shiny sink. WOOHOO!  It is shiny. I’m too tired to be grinning ear to ear, so that may be a little forced. It doesn’t exactly feel like a hug from Fly Lady either, it’s a little too shiny and metallic looking to be a hug. But, I do like it. There were definitely obstacles to my shiny sink…and as I start my journey, there will be many more. I started the sink soak after the children were in bed. Dear husband was doing Rosetta stone Spanish and it all sounded so cozy. I could listen to my husband say such romantic things as “La luna es blanca.” while I folded and put away laundry waiting for my sinks. I hadn’t been looking forward to it, but it is easier than I remembered. Or it would have been easy if I lived in an alternate reality.

I had the sinks soaking and had just finished wiping the kitchen counters, when the baby woke up. She hadn’t been  sleeping long, but she’s teething. I went and got her and within minutes out came darling 3yo. it was 10pm and there I sat in the rocking chair. By 11pm I was supposed to have done some sort of evening routine, shined my sinks and gone to bed. That’s late by my standards, but still doable. Instead I fell asleep holding the babies, vaguely aware that Dear Husband’s Spanish had drawn out 9yo, who sat beside him with pen and paper guessing which picture was “El carro es rojo”. At 11:45 I woke up and realized I still needed to shine those sinks. I left 3yo in the rocking chair, put baby to bed and shined.

Well I started to shine when I realized that there was a fountainy noise coming from under the sink. We have had a little bit of water under the kitchen sink every once in a awhile in the past few weeks.

the leak below the shiny sink

It turns out if you fill this particular sink with water, with it’s current pipes, when you empty it water sprays everywhere. Bleach water. HOT bleach water…well it’d been long enough that it was no longer hot so HURRAH for that. I clean that up, create more laundry than I prefer to at midnight, have a PLUMBING CONVERSATION with my husband and head to bed. Except the laundry I was planning on folding…it’s sitting ON my bed. Three loads. or maybe five…that’s right my lovely 11yods did two loads of laundry for me today. Are you SURE I’m not behind Fly Lady?

I have decided NOT to call these obstacles. I don’t like to think of my children as obstacles, or challenges; they are too amazing for that. Plumbing..meh that’s not so much awaiting wisdom as it is awaiting caulk ( I hope). Laundry is just a necessity. Either way I’m sticking with my new acronym SAW. These are situations awaiting wisdom:
1 shiny sink-plumbing issues…it’s shining, but it may soon become disgusting with pipe type fixing stuff of which I prefer to know little about.
2 night time routine-interupted-which I can practically plan on with nine children. It may become my after dinner routine so that it will happen. I’ll have to play around with that.
3 morning routine-When I first read Fly Lady’s morning routine, it sounded like heaven-well housewife heaven-okay heaven for a lady with 9 children-quiet!! it sounded quiet! Where were the interuptions?  All that time in my bedroom and bathroom and leaving my room with a laundry basket?  Do I have a nanny?  Let’s take this morning…5yo dd woke me at 5:30 this morning to do phonics. That’s not normal. Normally she wakes up at 6:30am and I have that hour from 5:30 to 6:30…except when I’m driving 14 yo to her morning seminary class every other week which has me gone from home from 5:40-7:20. Or except when any of the other children wake up. So how is morning routine going to work? When do I exercise?  Before I leave my room?  Maybe this will be like my sister’s take on the hymn “Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray.” We agreed that they didn’t mean ere you left your room at 3am, or 5am.  We agreed morning was 6am.  Anytime you left your room after 6am, your brain hopefully will have sufficiently engaged and you can pray. Before that it just doesn’t count…you may be praying anyway if someone is sick, but those are not your Morning Prayers.  When you do finally get back in your room to leave it after 6am you will probably have children in tow and if you kneel down that may cause them to think you are hurt or offering to be their jungle gym.  Anyway.  you get the point.  There is virtual morning routine and REAL morning routine.  I’m going to need to think up a plan for a real morning routine.

What are your SAWs? Any wisdom for how to deal with mine? This is going to take some thought…

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4 Responses to Situations Awaiting Wisdom

  1. Lmata says:

    Thank you for your inspiration. I know Fly Lady works. It really made a difference in our home when we had “just” 3 kids. Now after adding 4 more babies things are just short of chaos and I need her again.
    I think we live in the same house. I was reading about your being interrupted by the kids during your routines when my 2yo dd runs in saying potty, potty. LOL!

  2. dangermom says:

    Holy MOLEY.

    Today in the car I was listening to a talk by Susan Wise Bauer about how she does things, and one thing she said was “Never be surprised by chaos and mess….I’m always surprised by their absence.” 😀

    Those leaky sinks are dangerous…last time I had a similar problem (the sink leaked a bit in certain circumstances, if you ran the disposal while the other side was full of water), my husband said he would take a quick look and just tighten things up a bit. Three hours and two hardware store trips later, he was still working on it! OTOH he said that if I hadn’t noticed the little problem, it would have become a very big problem.

  3. I love that Susan Wise Bauer quote. So true! Plumbing…uggh. This definitely is a small problem…for now. I’m afraid you are right though that small and plumbing frequently translate into more hours and store trips than we think they should.

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