tis a gift to be simple

With four extra children in my home for a bulk of the day and into the night, 7 different paper mache projects and calls for a plumber it’s obvious why I need to simplify.    A man I highly respect tells a wonderful, true story: When we first sent people into space we discovered that ballpoint pens don’t work in space.  Grown ups with degrees and high IQ’s formed committees and there was much brainstorming and planning.  It took thousands of hours and millions of dollars but they did it.  They invented a pen that not only can write in space, but on any surface in any temperature.  How amazing! What did the astronauts do in the mean time?  They used pencils. . http://lds.org/general-conference/2010/10/of-things-that-matter-most?lang=eng I love the beauty of simplicity.  It seems that frequently I stare  longingly at the useless pen and fail to recognize the pencil right within my grasp.

It has been documented that my mornings don’t align automatically with fly lady’s morning routine. I tried to pinpoint where the problems are and there are two main issues…laundry and the whole bathroom thing.   I could duct tape my children back in their beds, hire a nanny, give up, wake up earlier (HAHAHAHAHA  oh that’s funny)…or I could just adjust.  After I folded the laundry and sorted the baby’s clothes (who is now wearing 24mo!  seriously?  I had 12mo stuff still in her drawers BUT they were SO cute!  my favorites) Anyway…I decided to take the dirty laundry to the washing machine at night! Yes it took me actual brain power to figure that out. Then whenever, whomever wakes me up in the morning I don’t have to try to sort through, grab a basket, balance the baby/toddler/early rising person and a basket.   It’s such a small thing, but I know it’ll make the morning  infinitely better.

I’m also going to switch around the rest of the morning routine.  I like  Fly Lady ‘s GIFT (God Imagination Focus Thanksgiving)…but that’s HIGH priority for me and I want that part of the day without children if possible.  I can clean a bathroom with an entourage.  I don’t need to fix my face, it’s not broken…and brushing hair is practically a team sport here.  I’ll save my alone time for scriptures.  Anyway, the morning routine is starting to come together. HURRAH! Now if I can figure out where to put exercise…

With that out-of-the-way I can devote my brain cells to  figuring out how a tooth-brush made it in with the laundry, why there are two forks, a lei,  and a phonics book in the baby seat, where the lid is to the guacamole (never fear I took the simple solution for that problem, but I still wonder),  and most importantly WHY does Susan continue to write her name on the bathroom door? 

I must be blessed if these are the things floating around my brain…blessed and tired.

I went to bed after writing this…and found a pink ponytail extension in my bed.  It just might beat out spatula as strangest item found in my bed.

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