When I was little, Saturday meant chores. It meant Dad sitting at the table with a list of things like :move rocks from point a to point b, pull up sticky spider filled vines, and move rocks back to point a.

I will have to write about enlisting the aid of the messmakers another day, Today I’m tired. Friday night at our house consists of dear husband and I playing volleyball with a great group of guys until it’s Saturday morning. I love this. I loved coming home last night to a clean kitchen and shiny sink. I was still jazzed from playing so I read a book.

6:30 am when my lovely 5yo woke me up I was not feeling the love. we snuggled under a blanket. Instead of “get your routines done early so you can play”…I opted for start your routine late because you did play. BUT I did it.

To motivate us both..or to keep me awake here is some music to clean by courtesy of my daughter:

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