A whole week! Somehow I have survived a whole week of Fly Lady

My children see a clean house as a sort of blank canvas awaiting their creativity to become the perfect work of art. This has increased their creativity in wonderful ways. paper mache projects We would have done paper mache anyway, but it would have been more stressful for me to think of all of the mess added on top of the mess. That stress limits creativity and makes the whole process much less fun.

My children do dishes quite happily when there is a shiny sink. I’ve said that before but it really surprised me. We’ve talked to them many times about rinsing their own plates…talked and talked and talked. Yet all I did was show them a shiny sink and like magic they are now happily washing their dishes with no reminding. This is crazy. What will my children do when everything in our home is so clean? I can’t wait to find out!

I still detest the emails. I get them in digest, but even then I struggle. I’m taking that as motivation to work on my control journal so I know what I need to do without looking. The goal is NOT to read every email. Lesson Number One is a peaceful, loving home…not reading every email that comes my way.

I have had a shiny sink every day and have done the dishes after every meal. That should be obvious, but just deciding to do it really helped. I thought this part alone would be impossible. I am frequently distracted by my children-real distractions for actual needs. I have assumed that is why I haven’t been able to do the dishes after meals…apparently it’s me. What else is possible that I have just assumed is impossible?

I have only one basket of clean laundry in my bedroom…that is a miracle considering I had 5 loads of laundry in there last Sunday and have done 8 loads of laundry since. They are all put away except for the laundry dross. WHAT IS THAT STUFF? You know what I mean? Please tell me other people have weird miscellaneous stuff from every few loads? You know the random mitten, hat, piece of material, item of clothing that no one currently fits…and single socks. I mean I hope you don’t have to deal with it, but please tell me I’m not the only one.

I LOVE the feeling of having someone call and want to come over and not go into panic mode. They are going to come anyway, but it’s much nicer for everyone involved if my house is clean.

I’m really happy with the changes to the morning schedule. I’m fine with children awake for my shower Hannah waiting for me outside my shower. I had ONE day this week (Thursday-did you hear the angels singing? that was from over here) in which I woke up of my own accord, read my scriptures and exercised without child intervention. That was a great day, but it’s obviously not going to happen often, so I need to be flexible, but not so flexible that nothing gets done. We will avoid discussing the morning in which I bribed my 3yo with a BROWNIE so I could finish exercising. There’s something a little off about that.

My husband appreciates the difference. My children have all made comments about the sink. They like it. It is always more fun to do something well than to muddle through…even if the muddling is less work.

Next week there will be new challenges. I’m driving to seminary so I will be gone every morning from 5:30 until 7:20am. That should be interesting. I’m also planning on working on my control journal and looking beyond the basic routines to start working on the rest of this place. I’m also planning on working out how to involve the children more. We are changing chore charts again. That is always an adventure.

So what have you done well? Any surprises? What have you learned?

p.s. during the writing of this post I have changed two diapers, gotten the baby from playing in the toilet, peeled an orange, solved a dispute, kissed and owie and nursed. just keeping it real.

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