I am not behind…kinda

So last night the oldest 4 children had youth night at church.  My dear husband normally takes them but he had a Basketball banquet. That could mean that I would take everyone and then somehow exist in the church with the 5 little people 7 and under.  One bathroom trip with that group is a herculean event worthy of fear factor.  A good friend offered to drive them if she could use my van.  No problem I say. 

My van.  I’m not behind, Fly Lady tells me so, it’s just that my van …well…  Let’s just look at a lovely list from flylady: http://www.flylady.net/pages/reminder5.asp

Do you have room for your children?

Check your children’s’ car seats to make sure they are securely fastened to the seat.

Do you have UFOs that could become a hazard if you had an accident? Clean them out.

Does stuff fall out when you open the door?

Do you smell something bad and can’t find it?

Are there 2 changes of clothes and a couple of sweaters in your car?

Do you still have boxes of 27 fling boogie give-a-way items waiting to be dropped off?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Let’s go out there and empty our cars. Drop off the stuff that needs to be given away.”

I have room for my children, but only because they have short legs.  Yes there are two loads of laundry in my car and sweaters times 9.  Which begs the question…my children leave the van fully clothed, I KNOW they do. Where do all these extra clothes come from?  Sweaters are easy…you go to the park with the sweater on, they run around and get warm and take it off.  Socks obviously transport directly from the dryer in an attempt to escape thus explaining both the single sock mystery and the how are there socks in the car when they still have their shoes on mystery. 

Nothing in my van smells.  YAY FOR ME!

I do have a UFO.  Last week my darling little daughter pulled the rear view mirror and a sizeable chunk of glass of the windshield.  I took this to the auto parts store to see if they could get the hunk of glass off of the little thing that sticks to the windshield.  The nice man at the auto parts store suggested holding a flame under the thing to weaken the glue so it would be easy to pry the chunk of glass off…and I left thinking,”oh that makes sense”…until I got home and realized, “HOW can I hold this tiny thing AND heat it without heating MY FINGERS”.  It’s a mystery.  I’m leaving for my darling husband to take care of on spring break.  It does mean my rearview mirror is sitting in the ashtray. 

I have gone to good will twice in the last few weeks!  YAY for less stuff and nothing in the back of my van (that needs to go to good will-there are of course still two bikes, a camping chair, a blanket and sleeping bag, and a grocery bag with one can of tomato sauce. )

Notable from this car cleaning: a beautiful necklace of mine, that I in no way authorized the use of, Abigail’s little flashlight, 4 packages of wipes and a lovely and VERY noisy windchime (given to my 7yo son at church which made for a VERY noisy ride home…who’s idea was that?)

After clearing out all of the junk, we swept out the Lilliputian year supply of food and  removed all of the car seats …EWWWWW. What can be done about the under the car seat fright?  yikes. 

Now my van was ready to go  and I was extra tired and definitely reminded that I am far from ready to serve.  It took less than one hour though..that huge mess.  How many other huge messes do I have hiding from me, that I’ve just gotten used to? 

I’m hoping the clean van will give me peace as we take Abi (3yo) to the optometrist today. Surely a fear factor event there…a 3yo and 5yo (who has to get her broken glasses replaced) and of course 8mo…in an optometrist’s for hours.  Yoga breathing will come in handy, and pipe cleaners and tic tacs.  AND the very understanding staff. 

I’m taking this all as motivation to stay on top of what I am doing well.  Keep that kitchen sink clean!  It is so much easier to wash ONE meal’s worth than to madly scramble to wash enough dishes to cook the next meal and forage for dishes to eat from.

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2 Responses to I am not behind…kinda

  1. dangermom says:

    Well, you inspired me, or reminded me that my car needed cleaning, and now it’s much prettier and smells a lot more like Lysol and fresh air. Good think I cleaned it–I found a little orange that was well on its way to Stinkyville, but caught it in time!

    Also, today, I have cleaned out two drawers. Yay!

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