from overwhelm to hope

I must admit Japan and tsunamis have been monopolizing my attention. I have been thinking about how Japan’s strict building code and regulations have helped protect people. I have been thinking about the importance of warnings and heeding them. I have been thinking about my own foundation.

It is easy to feel paralyzed by such overwhelming destruction. overwhelm is an empty feeling. Little routines can seem insignificant in compared to the destructive power of nature. Helplessness isn’t an active, creative force.

It doesn’t help the people in Japan for us to do nothing. Our families need not grow up in chaos, or overwhelm and helplessness.

Today I’m going to do some extra cleaning…specifically looking for donations. I doubt they’ll make it to Japan, but with those images in my mind it may help me understand that other people need things I have. Everything we have is God’s anyway, so who are we to argue if He knows His things will be best used elsewhere? Don’t argue that you earned them, don’t argue that you don’t have much and may need it someday. Someone may need it now. Most likely they haven’t been in such a major natural disaster, but there are many kinds of life shattering experiences that don’t involve tsunamis.

I hope the giving and donating and work helps bring hope.

ps and don’t forget to give a million extra kisses to all those closest to you

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One Response to from overwhelm to hope

  1. Rachel K. says:

    Beautifully said, Britt! {{{hugs}}}

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