habits meet plumbing

So Saturday night I had a date.  YAY!  But our team lost! NAY! They really lost…couldn’t make a shot, kept handing the ball over to the other team.  gave the game away in a nice beautifully wrapped package. sigh. 

I came home knowing my girls had made dinner.  Though it was only 8:30 all the little children were in bed! YAY! But not a single dish was washed from dinner. NAY!  When we came home the 3yo came out of her room…that’s not really a nay, that’s to be expected.  We changed diapers, snuggles, read and got everyone in bed.  Now it was after 9, I was VERY tired and I knew it was daylight savings.  Everyone had gone to bed on time, which meant they would wake up early the next day.  Too bad…I talked myself up and did the dishes and shined my sink.  YAY!

Which made it very surprising the next morning when I discovered the dishes were not clean.  The dishwasher had not run.  HA I say to myself.  I have discovered the problem of doing dishes under the influence (of a lack of sleep).  Brain impaired dish doing means I forget to even turn the dishwasher on.  So we muddle through breakfast by washing enough dishes to eat on.  Somehow I manage to make oven pancakes (a staple in our house) that my children don’t like…I can’t taste the difference and neither could the husband, but breakfast wasn’t a success.  I wash all the dishes and start the dishwasher. 

At lunch I discover that the dishwasher has not involved any water at any point in its cycle.  So basically we have baked on whatever grime was left.  UGH.  lunch is a hurry on Sundays because church starts at 1pm.  I didn’t have a lot of time and soaking all those dishes didn’t factor in.  lunch fail.

Church.  ahhh church. After church the older children and husband practice with the choir while the littles run around in the gym. 

 The dishes failed to wash themselves while we were at church.  Due the failures of the earlier meals everyone is starving….we don’t have dishes..the sink is shiny, but somehow that doesn’t help today. 

Husband finishes cooking the meal and decides for once he won’t have to add pepper to HIS meal, he’ll just put in the “right amount”.  Lots of hungry children soon appear by my rocking chair saying the food is “spicy”.  Husband didn’t hear this because he burned his fingers.  I was nursing cutie pie.  CALGON! Is it tempting fate to want a bath escape when you’ve had plumbing issues?  What is the likelihood that it would actually be an escape?  When my husband woke up (apparently the best treatment for burned fingers is a nap) he suggested South west.  A flight with a nursing baby doesn’t sound very escapist to me either. 

I give up and make cinnamon toast…we have dessert for a late dinner and everyone is happy.  Yet there are plenty of dirty dishes from the dinner fail.  I read stories about an old house in paris all covered with vines.  I noticed Miss Clavell has a cook. I put all the littles to bed, except for the 3yo who fell asleep on the way home from church (that was 5pm!).  She’s wide awake now. 

So there I was, after 9..the youngest two children still awake and a pile of dishes with no dishwasher.  The rocking chair claimed me AND both cuties by 11.  The dishes failed to do themselves. NAY! I wonder if the dishwasher is reading my blog and plotting against me?

First day of spring break, thunder storm, good book, pile of dishes.  huh.   this habit thing is going to take more work and a plumber.

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2 Responses to habits meet plumbing

  1. Katie says:

    Oh the joys of a striking dishwasher. I hope you can figure out what is wrong with it. Tomorrow is another week.

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