proactive vs reactive

When I’m not doing well with keeping up with everything, I’m very reactive.  I find myself in a difficult situation and I tread water for a while…or just float.  The problem with that is difficult is normal when you have 9 children, or 1 child for that matter.  Last night is case in point…Chris and I watched a movie late. It’s well documented by anyone who has ever spent any sort of time with me that I’m NOT a night person.  Amazing amounts of my brain close shop rather early.   That works fine for watching a movie.  We watched Phantom of the Opera.  Even without my whole brain I learned the lesson it was teaching:If you die young just tell your child you love them. Don’t promise them visits from an angel.  problem solved.

After our movie I crept in our room to find a waking baby in need of a diaper change.  Apparently Hannah figured we hadn’t celebrated her 9th mirthday* well enough so she stayed up for another hour to party.  She was so happy and giggly.  It was almost 2am.  If this is normal for you or you are a night person pretend you have compassion. When Becca woke me at almost 7…which is pretty good for her, I was not fresh as a daisy.

There are three things I do to survive sleeplessness:

An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon.  I’m already tired and grumpy, why not clean anyway.  It’s not like it requires a lot of brain power, which is a blessing when I’m tired.  If I can get things done early, then I don’t have to worry when I hit the wall in the afternoon.

Perspective…for whatever reason the first thing I loose when I’m tired is perspective. It feels as though I will always be tired, things will take longer and be harder than they really will, and I forget to be grateful.  Gratitude can completely change my perspective.  It can make me grateful for my lungs, a place to sit and the simple joy of privacy.  Gratitude helps me recognize what I have and the beauty already around me.

Simplify.  quesodillas do count as a home cooked meal, as do pb&js

Hang in there oh fellow sleep deprived people.  My sink is shined, my laundry done…I’m ready to crash.

*she was born on the 15th, so every 15th for the first year we celebrate and take her picture

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