Happy Chaos theory

After another late night of volleyball, I’ve spent the morning rotating laundry and studying chaos theory. Doesn’t that sound like something a mom intuitively knows about?  Let’s explore… this video gives an overview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6NnCOs20GQ&NR=1 

1-“when we first discovered chaos”-bwahaha.  This is when one wonders if the scientists had never actually looked closely at their children, or just never had them. 

2-The butterfly effect -small changes early in the process make for dramatic differences in the end result. The phrase accounting for various changes is “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” (the title of a talk by Philip Merilee).  Do small things we do in the early stages of a project or a day have large effects on the outcome? 

What are the differences you notice with one dish left in the sink, or the haphazard placement of your keys because *this* time you’re in a hurry?  How does it effect you if you get that inkling that you should go check on the quiet cuties and put it off for five minutes?  Little tiny choices have a large effect. 

Think of your relationships…can you think of a time when you choose to be slightly positive or negative in your first interaction of the day with your husband? how does that effect the rest of the day?  How does that effect your relationship?  What if you hold off on any negative for the first five minutes? After a bad day, call a friend and commit to saying 5 positive things before saying anything negative…how does that change the conversation?

3-There is order and beauty in chaos.  Don’t fight it. Motherhood sometimes feels like the ultimate mom versus nature knock down drag out fight.  We sometimes attemt to control every little thing, fix every little problem and make everything perfect.  Lesson number one.  Moms don’t fix, moms love.  It’s why kissing owies works…children don’t really WANT us to fix everything, they want us to show empathy-love and support.  With us, securely in their corner, they are prepared to face whatever comes their way. 

Most people want empathy not answers. 

4-Expect chaos, expect ineruption and recognize the beauty in it.  It doesn’t distract from what is really most important. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of a mathmatical representation of chaos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_GBwuYuOOs 

The closer you get to chaos the more beautiful …and it is also more manageable.  Think of the messiest room in your house..ugh.  Overwhelm is paralyzing.  But if you can get closer and just choose to clean up 27 pieces of trash, or clean off one space.   I once read an article that said you can eat an elephant, but not in one bite, but one bite at a time. True, if you like elephant.  The point being, get close and get started where you are…you can’t start where you aren’t. 

I’m off to get started on my saturday morning chaos.

ps in some discussions the discovery of the order in chaos has been called “the thumb print of God”.  Is some of your chaos evidence of God?

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