Let’s look back at week 3. 

We hung the pictures finally! Sadly two major pictures had broken glass…and because we were just now unpacking them, one pictures somehow had water damage.  BUT we finally have more exciting walls…what a difference that makes.  Not to mention the two HUGE boxes are no longer in the front room (really for 7 months they’ve been sitting there because they were too heavy to move)

We planted our garden.  This was exhausting.  GREAT! but exhausting.  I hadn’t planned on doing this all in one day, but it was going so well and everyone was working together.  DD (14) ended up with blisters.  We now have peas, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, herbs, carrots, and flowers to look forward to.  A fabulous family work project because who doesn’t love playing in dirt.  Now we just hope that darling 3yo ,who was a fabulous digger, doesn’t dig up all our seeds.

We played…a wonderful day at the park together and another day watching Tangled and going to the Library WITH dad.

Now some of you may notice that this is all good stuff but it doesnt’ really keep the sink shiny or the laundry done.  and you would be right it doesn’t.  That may or may not be related to all of this good stuff and the number of basketball games watched…Spring Break and March Madness doesn’t go well with cleaning.


Most of the days the sink was shiny.  laundry was washed but not put away.  So we have created a new family work project for today…a great laundry foldathon. 

Even keeping the kitchen together is great progress.

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