Last night at 10:30 I found myself finally free of my teething baby.  I had been trying to put a fly lady button on the blog and now had the choice of continuing that effort or doing the dinner dishes. 😉  As I was almost finished with the dishes there came my best interuption of the day.  My 7yods came in the kitchen telling me he had a scary dream and wanted to snuggle.  So we hit the rocking chair and I spent the next 20 minutes or so talking about one of my favorite memories.  I was a nightmare child…by that I mean  I had many many nightmares. I’m positive that is the only way I was a nightmare child.  I still have nightmares.  I am a total unadulterated (as in give me a break you are a grown up) wimp.  I still avoid the Wizard of Oz because it was such a source of nightmares for me as a child.  Before I went on a mission as a 21 yo I was given a blessing that I wouldn’t have nighmares for the length of my mission.  I didn’t. 

Anyway, one night when I was about 3 I had a nightmare about flying monkeys.  I was not quiet in my fear and my parents soon came to my room.  I didn’t go back to sleep until  my dad swatted all of the monkeys.  My dad.  The engineer who had a sense of humor, but most frequently had the look on his face that dared you to guess if he was actually joking. Most days you erred on the side of nor laughing.  That dad, swatted monkys away until I was satisfied, at which poinr I happily plopped back down on my bed asleep.  

So I shared that story with Ben.  We talked about nightmare coping techniques, singing, praying, thinking of butterflies, pulling a ridikulus on the nightmare.  Whatever will work. He didn’t want to share what his nightmare was about, most likely because it was about Pokemon, which I already dislike.  He knows I’ll probably limit his Pokemon viewing more than I already do if he tells.  He said he thinks he’s a bad prayer.  I told him my funny story of when I first learned my sister was engaged.  I was on my mission and my companion was very sick and sleeping.  I had no one to tell and I was so excited so I prayed.  Halfway through telling Him I realized…oh He already knows ;). Ben laughed and then kissed me and went to bed.

Then I got out of the rocking chair, and went into the  kitchen and I finished the dishes.  I know..I’m still shocked.   This is the exact kind of thing that noramlly would have been put off for the next day.  What a difference to wake up to a clean kitchen instead of the chilli pan.  WOOHOO! Of course I found a whole baked potato on the floor under the table.  so, um ya.  BUT my sink is shiny!

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