Dish debt

Until you really decide that every day your sink will be shiny, you leave yourself open to the age old debate (should I wash the dishes now or put them off?). I’m an expert procrastinator, but I’m also practical. Sometimes this works for me
(I’m really busy tomorrow, I better do these dishes tonight) and other times it works against me (I’m not busy tomorrow, so surely I’ll have plenty of time to do, not only these dishes but all the others that come to keep them company).

When I had young twins, this illogical logic worked in my favor. Any even slightly reasonable opportunity had to be acted upon, because things might run to craziness soon. I took to making dinner in the morning, if I was holding one crying baby, I’d attempt the dishes, or at least wipe down the counter, with two babies in arms I could still tell stories, sing or read or…when desparate mop the floor with a cloth and my foot. I could never really justify leaving the dishes because I couldn’t ensure tomorrow would go as planned.

I was reminded of this last night. I was tired from an all day bonding with my teething, feverish baby. Before going to bed I gave husband the little darling to hold so I could go do the dishes. I was not thinking of the joys of shiny sinks I was thinking I better do this now because tomorrow is going to be bad ( I was right, I’ve been up since 4am with a hot snuggly whimpery baby).

Now really who does that? Who PLANS to wreck a future good day? It’s like I was trying to spread the bad around. Why not instead prepare for a good day? Why not do everything I can to allow a good day to be unfettered ..I was letting myself get into dish debt! I don’t like debt in other forms…it has such a devastating effect on your finances and your life. It is so depressing to think how long you have to work just to get break even. Emerson says ” A man in debt is so far a slave”. Is this feeling of slavery one of the reasons I don’t like housework? I think so. How does it feel to be already late starting dinner and have a sink and counter full of dishes waiting before you can even begin?

Are the piles of clutter like debt too? Do they have the same limiting effects on our mind?

I think that’s why fly lady calls it flying…what a beautiful freeing image. Freedom from clutter and dish debt.

Do today’s work today, says the lady with the snuggling bundle of garlicky heat in her arms….which just may be my most important work today.

a funny guy talks about’s funny but horrific. watch it thinking of dish debt..

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