ramblings…in which are mentioned the subtle differences between motherhood and a prison camp

Good thing I’m not in dish debt!  Too bad there isn’t such a thing as a dish savings account (unless you count paper…hmmm I can’t tell you how many times it has crossed my mind that it would be easier to keep my sink shiny with paper plates). I definitely know how to clean without much brain power. Washing dishes and laundry on automatic pilot are generally still effective (as long as people check their dishes and pink underwear is not a problem). Writing however…takes a little bit more brain power.

In the past 48 hours: major computer virus attacks the laptop(it is very ill and needs a smarter brain than I), double ear infections attack the little sweetie (including fevers up to 104), amidst the fevers our A/C decided to break AGAIN-and landlord is in CA (okay it’s his son’s wedding which really is a great excuse).  If you add all my sleep together (it’s a big column of number because of all the little bits of sleep) you don’t get to double digits. 

When I haven’t slept I feel like I’m in a bubble and everyone around me is moving at full speed while I a m s l o w l y m u d d l i n g a l o n g.

Things I’ve noticed from the bubble:

It is easier to get the children to help when there is a routine. I’ve already noticed that children are more likely to do their dishes when the sink is shiny.

It’s easy to do the I haven’t slept muddling shuffle when there is nothing on the floor.

It’s less depressing to be so tired you don’t want to get up AND have a baby who doesn’t want you to move when you aren’t already so behind. 

The one part of my morning routine I’m struggling with?  the shower…I haven’t taken one.  If someone randomly came to visit (besides ds’ sunday school teacher who just came) the worst thing in my front rooms is…me.  sigh.  I’m afraid my hair is shinier than my sink. 

sleep.  I like sleep. I always remember my mom telling me that in prison camps they use random night wakings as a form of torture… it induces depression, feelings of hopelessnes and overwlem, powerlessness and weakness.  You may have not needed a study to tell you that…motherhood does sometimes seem very similar to torture, except what wakes me up is MUCH cuter than what wakes your average prison camper..whinier, but cuter.  SEE motherhood is totally different from a prison camp.  kinda.

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6 Responses to ramblings…in which are mentioned the subtle differences between motherhood and a prison camp

  1. Lisa S. says:

    Sorry about the sleep deprivation. I don’t miss those days at all!

    Our dishwasher died last summer and we still haven’t replaced it. I’ll admit that I have gone anti-green. We are using paper plates and dixie cups. When we finally replace the dishwasher, then we’ll go back to real dishes. Guilt – nope. A mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do…

    • Lisa, I know you know sleep deprivation. Mini twins is sleep deprivation with stress piled on it.

      I remember reading about your dishwasher…you still haven’t replaced it? wow. I’m keeping paper plates on hold until I feel I really need them. I’ve done it before…moving and twins.

  2. MAVA mama says:

    found you on some homeschool link up or another and SO glad I did! Your writing style is SOOOooo funny. I mean it. I am laughing WITH you. 😉

  3. Mama Rachel says:

    LOL! Oh, I LOVE you, Britt! You are such a breath of fresh air. (And no I’m not saying anything about the showing issue! *wink*) I’ll send my big one over so you can get a lovely, long bubble bath, okay? {{{hugs!}}}

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