CHOAS-um no. people come over anyway.

Yesterday morning at 10am my landlord called. This was expected. He had come home from his son’s wedding and was ready to deal with our issues (no A/C and dishwasher). I call in the troups, we have a 15 minute cleanup. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was for me to walk into my kitchen and have it already clean! I didn’t have to madly do dishes in the 15 minutes before someone arrives. I also can’t fully express how very short lived that joy was. As I left the kitchen and walked into the dinning room and discovered that someone had decided to get out a snack…tortilla chips. Apparently part of the joy of tortilla chips is throwing them around randomly. They were everywhere…including the computer room that is adjacent to the dining room. Ahh the joys of precision…I very precisely had children pick up the chips, swept and vacuumed. sigh. We were ready. The Landlord lives 20 minutes away. Sure I had also found crayon on the wall and someone had stepped on banana in the hall…but we fixed all that.

still ready

and ready

and what was happening today again?

so at 4:30 when the doorbell rang

I’m not sure what you are doing at 4:30, but I am normally awakening from afternoon stupor-heightened by having to drive my daughter to seminary. I am normally beginning to be aware that my children will want to eat again, and realizing that I still haven’t done the menu planning I wished I had. My children are frequently whiny at that point having just woken from a nap, or having missed a nap, or just in general thinking dinner should be now and could it be popsicles?

My house also looked distinctly lived in. Sure the kitchen was clean, and yes the rooms had been vacuumed…it’s just that in between then and the time the door bell rang, someone had decided to make a fort out of couch cushions…and in the entry way there was a chair with a bead race thing on it. They had been playing some game or other and there were various phonics books around as well as a stack of stories I had read to the children.

In the midst of the whiney children and attempting to think of dinner, I was talking with the landlord and going over what needed to be done and trying to gently point out a few hundred things we would really appreciate…”so when would be good for my husband to help you clean out the garage?” or “remember how this need to be nailed down so no one gets hurt tripping over it?” or “I know you mentioned you wanted to trim the bushes…right?”

Of course my dishwasher worked for him. serioiusly dishwasher? is that how it’s going to be? sigh.

We have one more day to wait for the A/C…but it’s less of an issue now that the baby doesn’t have a fever. I’m much more patient with my house being in the 80’s when the baby isn’t 104.

Through it all I kept reminding myself…this is why I needed to be thinking of precision, not perfection. I can have peace in having done what I needed to do…I can’t control the outcome. Should I start being more wary of what posts and thoughts come into my mind-are they really God’s way of saying…uh oh…she’s going to have this and this and this and this happen today..she better not set her sites on a clean house .

People will come over. We have lives. Children are naturally creative and creativity is a messy thing. Living with precision, means I accept where I am and do what’s right in that moment. I don’t stress about where I am, or worry about what other people think about where I am. I don’t worry about the future and get overwelmed by how much I’ll need to do in the future. Frankly, I’m glad I don’t know. Precision, means focusing on right now. Don’t rest up for future messes, give up because of future problems….just do what needs doing. and smile(Hi cyndi! :waves madly:). If all else fails and you can’t see the floor anway look instead at the people walking around on the floor (or rolling and crawling while meoowing). They’re really cute people.

Yesterday amidst all the landlord, dinner making mess…my three little girls (5, 5, and 3) pulled me into the livingroom to show me what they were working on. They were learning sommersaults and cartwheels. So really the couch cushions on the floor were quite serendipitous. And honestly the house was cleaner under all the play stuff. really.

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