gratitude check.

yesterday. it was bad. It was lost for two hours, so late it didn’t matter..landlord wants us to pay $1000 we don’t have for something we didn’t do bad. I had intended to finish writing a tada post…but that’s difficult when you’re lost in traffic and on the phone with insurance and landlord. I have problems with tada anyway, which I will need to address.

I even tried to keep my attitude in check by going for a walk with the kiddos yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful day…but my little darling on her bike decided to NOT keep the rule of stopping at the corner and waiting for mom. So I spent the “Walk” desperately pleading the 3yo to peddle faster-trying to distract her from every flower and leaf she wanted to carefully place in her compartment, or carrying her and her big wheel and racing to keep them in sight.

It wasn’t exactly the zen like experience I had hoped for.

So today…this post is going to be something different.

Here are two word pictures:
A few years ago I saw a family circus cartoon. It’s thanksgiving. The meal is over the children are running around like crazy people (full of energy because they didn’t overeat). The husband is sitting down watching the game with his feet up and the mom is in the kitchen surrounded by dirty dishes, pots, pans, bowls, and leftovers. You know that feeling? A bit of overwelm, a bit of frustration that holidays really mean more work, a bit of this will take forever and there is a loud noise from the other room–that’s your book desparately calling you.

You know those feelings? The feelings that you wish you weren’t the mother? There is a thought bubble in this picture. It said (I’m paraphrasing) “I’m so grateful for enough food to feed my family, dishes, a safe place to feed them and a day surrounded by the people I love”. Oh. ya. she could be thinking that. *I* wasn’t thinking that…huh.

Many years ago I was in South Africa. We were in traffic, driving towards Durban for a meeting. On a steep hill near where our car had stopped there was a small squatter camp. Most of the houses were made out of cardboard boxes, blankets and scrap metal. We passed it often on the way to town. This particular day we were in traffic and could see it more closely. I’ll never forget the family I saw. A young girl (maybe 8-though she was VERY thin so it was hard to tell) was pulling a blanket around her. She handed her dress to her mom who put it in a huge pot on the fire. Laundry day. Her mom was washing her one dress. She was using water she had carried on her head (most likely). Traffic eased and we drove away. It was just a minute of my life but I’ve thought of it many many times since.

So many thoughts flood my head as I think of those images. Sorrow, wondering what I can do to make a difference…and gratitude. Today, in everything I do today..I want to find something to be grateful for. If you think of something you are grateful for, post a comment.

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4 Responses to gratitude check.

  1. Renee says:

    This so touched home… thank you.

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m grateful to be overwhelmed with laundry because my children have so many clothes to wear. I’m grateful for the blessings I have been given in my life, grateful for healthy children, grateful for having a house that is paid for, grateful for a husband who loves his children, grateful for the Bill of Rights, grateful for so many good friends to share my life with. I’m grateful for the Internet which has opened my world up to so many people whom I otherwise wouldn’t know. I’m grateful for these words of wisdom I have read today.

    • All day I have been grateful for two things….running water..because it is a marvel to me, and my husband. He saw how I was feeling last night and started his own laundry.

      Thank you for your insights Cat, I love the Bill of Rights but I rarely tease it out to express gratitude for it.

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