your house-a love story

I first saw our house about 9 months ago. Our baby was only 3 weeks old. We had looked a little before the baby came, then Chris continued alone and at times with a friend. We were looking in a certain neighborhood, within 20 minutes of Chris’ work. We needed a house with room for 11 people, and an reasonable Landlord. It wasn’t easy. Every evening the children would gather around and look at the pictures Chris brought home. Sometimes we’d look on line as he was in the house. Natalie always looks at the trees, Kalani’s always wishing for her own room, some of the little ones like stairs, a big yard or pretty paint.

Chris wanted me to see this particular house. When we first walked in, I loved the vaulted ceiling and the large open space. With 7 daughters the prospect of more than 2 bathrooms was welcome. The size the bedrooms, the laundry room immediately off the dining room…the pantry, fenced yard. It was decided. We went home and answered a hundred questions for the children. We started planning and packing.

ugh…we somehow survived those weeks of packing with a newborn and with so much help it still brings tears to my eyes, we moved.

Unpacking was slow, interrupted by nursing, the needs of the children, the exhaustion of me, and possibly facebook. In the mean time we started noticing things . The master bath is not level…so it pools on one side. The placement of this door and that window make bed placement difficult. The back door requires a master’s degree and a little English to open. There seems to be a ‘possum who likes the back yard.

Finding a house is a bit like attraction to a spouse. There is a definite spark, and undefinable interest. This frequently carries through, with some up and downs, to the contract made…then comes…the rest.
When you plan to move in to a house, it is usually clean, and you plan that it will always be that way. You can’t imagine ever letting it get dirty…after all it has x, y, and z that you’ve never had before and that will make it so much easier. It will be wonderful!

The move from attraction to love in a house or with your spouse requires character. Once you move in all of the flaws are more apparent and all of the great aspects are quickly taken for granted. The daily care and housekeeping stretch on before you into forever. It becomes deeper and more personal as memories are made and we choose to accept or judge.

Do you remember the first time you saw your house? How long had you been looking? What was the first thing you noticed. What were you looking forward to in moving in? Which window did you most like…which cupboards? What were your plans then?

With a spouse we have anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, dates and other reminders of our courtship and wedding. The more often we remember and keep alive that spark, the better our relationship.

What about our house? Do you celebrate your house? What a wonderful thing it is to have a house. perhaps we can make a plan…choose a day (maybe the day you bought your house, or first moved in). Remember how your first felt about it, or what you’ve since discovered. Remember why you chose it and how you envisioned you would keep your home.

Love is never a place you fall. Love is what you do.

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4 Responses to your house-a love story

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  2. Elizabeth McLatchy says:

    Came in with eyes open on both accounts. Never had to overcome the post honeymoon blues. It is imperfect in actuality and yet PERFECT FOR ME. But it’s nice to have a reminder to never take any of it for granted.

    • eyes open is a great way to go into marriage or a house liz. I know it’s silly, but one thing I remember about your house is how much I love the tree in your backyard…I think of it often.

      • Elizabeth McLatchy says:

        It’s our favorite too. I’m determined to move if we lose it…it’s part of our hearts. But then again, I suppose I’m “married” to the home, not the tree:D

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