life interupted

My mom and I were talking yesterday about how we know we’re alive…another something to overcome, another situation awaiting wisdom. Yesterday my landlord was here for 7 hours taking care of quite a few different things. He was mostly up in the attic. I was glad, I did want him to do what he was doing. It’s just that he had the hose through my bedroom and up the ladder to the attic.

Let’s see stairs, water, outside. How attractive is that to a child? We couldn’t shut the door because the hose was going through the door way. How many times do you suppose I had to go retrieve the 9mo from going outside to play with the mud the hose was making? How many times did she try to go up the ladder, or mess with the plugs and cords? I was helping to turn the water on and off and getting other things he needed (I was a 7th child and very comfortable in the role of gofer). Two little girls were taking advantage of my open bedroom door and making a tent of my bed. Older children were leveraging for additional computer time.

That’s life though isn’t it? The interruption, the “different” situation, something to be fixed, dealt with, taken care of, arranged? If you don’t have a new something to deal with, wait five minutes.

The ladder was the main problem yesterday…a ladder half down in the middle of the hallway (most of the time I folded up the bottom stairs so the curious georges wouldn’t get any ideas-I cannot begin to fathom the damage they could do with a hose in the house-or the attic. ). How do I carry a sleeping baby under or around the ladder to get her to bed? How do I get to the laundry or back with baskets of clothes? How do I distract children from the obvious and amazingness of an open attic?
I found myself squeezing through the small space between the ladder and the wall quite frequently. How often do you need that skill? The real skills you are developing are creativity, ingenuity, determination, and hopefully gratitude…those are the skills that last.

Last weekend in conference Lynn G. Robbins spoke about the lists we make in life…generally to do lists. He spoke about the lists we could make…to be lists.

Whenever there is an interruption, it is in our to do list. Lasting “to be” qualities can never be interrupted. There is always a way to love. nothing about yesterday could interrupt anything really important.

Whenever I think of this I think of Eric Fromm, Corrie Ten Boom or Immaculee Ilibagiza

These are amazing individuals who emerged from great tragedy with their humanity in tact. They emerged from a horror with love, gratitude and education.

Surely I can survive a mere inconvenience the same?

Yet I’m afraid this is a lesson I will need to learn over and over and over again.

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2 Responses to life interupted

  1. Aaron R. says:

    Contrasting you experiences with those who experienced various horrific situations raises important questions regarding a quotation I heard twice GC over the weekend. It was from Orson F. Whitney; who said that no suffering is wasted. Is it possible for us to become as good or great as those who experience the horror of life compared to those who face merely its inconveniences? My sense is that some suffering exceeds the utilitarian value received in the form of moral improvement.

    • Great quote Aaron. I’m very blessed to have a life mostly filled with inconveniences. I sometimes read about the horrors to remind myself to not let the inconveniences so fill my life that I don’t make time to serve those who are living with true horrors. It’s amazing how busy you can be with just the inconveniences. It also greatly helps with my perspective to know my “troubles” are blog post fodder not real actual tragedy. In the dramatic reactions of my children, it’s good to remember that perspective, because their drama can be quite encompassing.

      I would think that most suffering exceeds the utilitarian value…or maybe it’s much harder to form moral improvement than we’d like to think. I also fear conecting the suffering with the potential improvement in a confining way. A tragedy can bring out and develope amazing charity and patience and work and service…but those who suffer did not suffer to that end. In the cases I noted the suffering was brought on by myriads of evil choices.

      entropy is brought to mind…somehow potential for improvement is lost in the system? Maybe there must be excess loose ends to allow for potential for choosing charity? Or maybe in a fallen world the loose ends are a given? Telestial world= not a vacuum?

      perhaps the potential gain is in the initial stages? The people with great power and great potential for good who chose instead evil? It’s too easy from here to then jump to a political discussion of lybia or Iraq being in any way humanitarian or a way of promoting liberting, when Rwanda had so little help so late. Thanks for the thoughts Aaron. It’ll give me something to think of at the vet today.

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