away from home

Surely you’ve noticed that the less time you spend at home, the worse it looks…even when no one is in the home to mess it up. This is a miracle. It is not a miracle when the mom leaves various amounts of children at home for various lengths of time to do various errands. That is exhausting and messy.

yesterday. At 6am I was trying to sneak out to the grocery store. Three little girls answered their “mom’s sneaking out” alarms and woke up. Our house is chilly because we have all the windows open at night, so it doesn’t get too far over 80 degrees in the afternoon (landlord is still negotiating the A/C fix). So I get everyone sweaters and sweatshirts and longer pants and socks and shoes. My tiptoe out before 6:15 has now become drag people out before 7am. Then dear son (11) wakes up and offers to put on a show and be their slave until I get back. He’s good at this so all three little dears stay home…so 45 minutes of my morning gone… I sneak out with Hannah.

I shop quickly, but not quick enough for Becca who decides within 5 minutes of my leaving that THIS IS INJUSTICE AND A TRAVESTY AGAINST ALL HUMANITY. I brought cantaloupe to make it up to her, but her older sisters looked frazzled when I came home. This leads to one of those stupid decisions you feel like you have to make, but know you’re going to regret…I take Becca with me on my errands. This means Abigail wants to come and I need Natalie to come…so it’s just the 5 of us.

Errands consisted of driving 45 to pick up wheat and oats bulk and driving another 30 to take the girl kitties to get their shots in preparation for them getting broken (spayed-we call it broken because it’s quite obvious they work just fine the way they are…that’s what we DON’T want). We drive, make a bathroom stop by the temple which is beautiful, pick up our wheat with a price increase, but otherwise get to the vet in fairly good time.

Then we sit and wait. Well, *I* sit and wait. Natalie snuggles her kitties as much as she can while leaving them in the cat carrier becasue the dogs surrounding us make her nervous. Abi asks if she can kiss the doggies, and any babies who walk in (short answer…no but you may blow them a kiss (I got a pouty face for that bit of parenting)). As the wait increased due to some vet emergency or something, the behavior got less restrained. Sure they started out sitting near chairs, but they started getting more friendly with all the many animals around us. At one point a little black puppy came in and Abigail lost it completely “I WANT A BLACK PUPPY! HUMMMPH” She tosses her curls and stares at me like I’m rhett buttler. I’m not. I’m me, so I look at her bemused and try to talk her down from the wall. All this time I am wrestling the baby who wants more than anything to crawl around with all these great animals so close! I don’t care how often you clean a vet office floor…it is not clean enough for my crawling baby. Would now be a good time to reveal to the captive vetrinarian office that I have 5 more children at home? maybe not.

Our vet appointment ends with the casual throw out…oh since we treated tape worms you’ll need to keep these two separated from your other two kitties until you get them treated. I should have just bought the stuff and done it myself, but that thought didn’t occur to me until 4am this morning, when the three remaining braincells I have finally had cleared out everything else that was cluttering their in box. So this afternoon we will be having the girl kitties inside the house. Litterbox, kitty food, crawling baby. One of these things just doesn’t belong. This means i get the joy and privilege of making a return visit to the vet tomorrow and I have now become the litter box defender. the food and water are on their own. oh and the kitties are litter box trained…this should go well.

Finally we get our kitties checked and shot and dewormified and we leave. I’m feeling like I have been through a major skirmish. We get home a little late for homeschool park day, but I KNOW the children need it. Off we go. We play and play and play. The other mommies talk about their in laws. My in laws are wonderful, really really wonderful. I keep my mouth shut because their in laws really are bad…alcoholic, it’s your fault you were abused bad. I’m leaving the park feeling grateful…but wait, I’m not leaving the park. Really what I’m doing is looking throughout the park for my 9yo’s purse which she left on a random park bench while playing. A purse with money and a library book in it (and a few other things precious only to a 9yo). Why didn’t she leave it with me? Why couldn’t the theif take the money and run…heck take the book too, I’ll pay for it, but don’t take the purse she made and the little trinkety things. sigh..great wails of sadness escape the normally quiet, but occaissionally exceedingly dramatic 9yo. Good park feeling gone…long gone when I receive a call from my landlord. good news…he found an A/C technician that can come 5:30.

It is 4, I’m heading home from the park with tired, very sandy people—okay me, I got roped into looking for that ONE sand toy they burried as treasure that is now the favorite sand toy ever-and now a part of park lore. I decide to bath babies quickly and take a minor break before getting dinner and the house together. WRONG ANSWER. By saying 5:30, what landlord meant was 4:45. AGGH. I hurriedly make dinner and start bread. YAY I HAVE WHEAT! until the power goes out. ooops. Landlord didn’t mean to turn out the power…it’ll only be 20 minutes in the midst of dinner making for hungry park children and bread making.

Power comes on, dinner is eaten, I start clean up, but am disrupted by the nurseathon. I knew it would happen. I tried to nurse hannah regularly throughout the crazy day, but seeing how I haven’t been home for more than one hour at a stretch since 7am…she’s ready for uninterupted, rocking chair, relaxing nursing. I was hungry too, but didn’t want dinner because bread was baking.

So that is where my poor hapless husband finds me…asleep at 7:50 in the rocking chair. I slept right through the timer for my bread. and that is when I lose it. He wisely takes the baby, doesn’t really listen to my incoherent babbling about worms and sand and purses and puppies, leads me to bed and takes care of everything else.

I regret to inform you no fly lady was done in the midst of this day. I know. You’re shocked.

ps my husband informs me that “everything else” last night included a bird in the house(second bird this week-I think they are nesting in our chimney). The indoor cats met the darling bird, great craziness ensued with the girls screaming and birds flying into things and cats winning, then daughter saved the bird and put the poor thing outside. I’m not sure that worked well…. I slept through it all.

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2 Responses to away from home

  1. Elizabeth McLatchy says:

    Quite a funny day… but only because it didn’t happen to me. Hugs.

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