a place for everything and everything in it’s place**

**assuming you live alone or if you do not live alone…assuming you have a guard dog for every item of importance, a beeper on that item with redeemable energy source, or a time turner to return to when you last had that item and track it.

This may or may not be a result of starting a chore chart. This may or may not be a result of having more than one person in the house (okay we have 11). sigh. paperwork.

So last week I was given a piece of paper which I am supposed to bring back tomorrow with the kitty getting broken. Having not carried my file cabinet to the vet.’s office, I tried to put it in my purse. My purse is too small for this on purpose. So I put it in the van, got it home, was exhausted and the baby needed to be nursed so I WALKED RIGHT PAST the file cabinet, sat down in the rocking chair and put the very important thing on the table next to me. There it stayed quite happily…until someone, who is not me, cleaned. No one can remember touching this paper or putting it anywhere. it is gone.

I don’t get very important papers while relaxing next to my file cabinet with time to spare. I get them shoved in my hand at the end of a hectic doctor appointment, or the end of church, or thrown in my near direction as someone walks in the door, or placed near me as a I nurse, do laundry…

It’s harder than it looks to then remember at the end of whatever it is that I was doing that I need to take care of this piece of paper.

Okay and my files are a mess because in one move they were dumped upside down. That was 4 moves ago.

Now let’s pretend the paper actually gets to where it’s going. This happens. Really. When my husband needed the social security card for hannah, I walked right to the file cabinet, and had it in my hands in seconds. Even when the paper gets to where it should go there is another obstacle to be overcome. The paper has to STAY THERE. This should be the easy part. Paper doesn’t normally have a means of locomotion and my file cabinets are generally wind free.

Yet little children are curious little cuties. I have been unsettled about my filing cabinets ever since I found a lost library book in the filing cabinet. No it wasn’t filed under L or anything cute and smart. It was smushing down some random papers. Some little person had put it there. Ever since I kinda feel I should patrol the cabinets a little better. At one point we considered putting them in our bedroom, but our children can unlock that door…even the 3yo can bend a paper clip and get it open. She even calls paper clips “keys”. Yes I do pretend I don’t know that.

As funny and frightening as that is…it means my file cabinets aren’t really safe. Now I could go for locked file cabinets and guard dogs and beeping papers or a magic wand, and I do joke about all of those things. If only I had put a beeper on my brain I say. My children suggest possible locations for my brain–the most frequently being by a beach which then is followed by the suggestion that we go look. But that really isn’t the problem. My children don’t regularly go through the mail and file cabinets looking for potentially stress inducing material. Now sometimes when I’m working with all that paper it is more available, but still…that’s not generally the problem.

The real problem is that I don’t put things where they go as soon as I can. Most of the time that would work. So is Pavlov available? Do I get chocolate every time I put something away? what? no? What if there was a chocolate in the file cabinet and everytime I walked in the house I had to go get one…I bet I would make time to stop and get one though I seem to struggle to make the time to get there to put something important away. Of course the chocolate would have to be sugar free and that kinda takes the zing out of the thing…but still.

sigh. basically I have more work to do and I have once again made my really rather charmed life a little bit harder on my self.

Pick myself up. Try again. Be grateful my husband won’t laugh at me and has perfected the concerned and understanding smile and nod.

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One Response to a place for everything and everything in it’s place**

  1. Elizabeth McLatchy says:


    Walmart has something like it for a similar price. A place to dump things next to the door, a place for keys, a place for waiting items… It helps, really! Knowing you, you could make one.

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