chore charts-lessons not yet learned

So there it hangs on the wall. Every single night this week dinner has been a rush as children go one way with one parent and another way with another parent, or the parents go some where, or something is happening…Maybe this all explains why my dinner dishes were consistently getting done at 10pm. To compound this business is my exhaustion from driving seminary this week-and teaching two days of that. Me out of the house by 5:30am means me tired at 8:30.

Things I have learned from having a chore chart:

My children will gladly go out side to check the mail, run the length of the house to get the phone, but they will not so much as reach out their hand to check what their chore is.

My younger children need lots of help to do their chores-I knew this, but the time it takes is daunting when dinner is invovled.

The older children are not home enough in the evenings to do their chores unless they remember to do them RIGHT AWAY. —which would involve them knowing what they were supposed to do. (see first thing learned)

Apparently when I go over the rules for going on walks I forgot to mention don’t drop your pants and pee on the neighbors plants. I kinda thought we were past that.

Don’t combine a chore chart with a screen timeout (drastically reduced tv and computer time). My house is always messier when we cut out tv. The children start out grumpier because of the horrible cruel and unusual nature of no tv for a month or so. I know it will get better, they will be more active and creative…they won’t be bored and their learning will increase…but right now I’ve just got the mess.

The screen limitations include me. It’s challenging to keep up with a blog on reduced computer time. But if I expect my children to, I need to. ugh.

This is definitely a situation awaiting wisdom. I want children to work and have more responsibilities.

If I don’t get any wisdom, I’ll settle for sleep.

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2 Responses to chore charts-lessons not yet learned

  1. Katie says:

    How about they don’t get to do their evening activities if they don’t do their chores?

    How to get them to clean their place at the table AND do the dishes? My friend came up with a GREAT idea. If her kids don’t clean their place at the table they “Get a Lickin'”

    Literally. When she sees their place full of dishes she will seek that child out and tell them their “getting a lickin'” and then she licks their faces. It only took once or twice.

    I’m gonna try it. Won’t work with DH though because he will actually like it.

    • a licking…interesting. does she wash the child’s face first? When we are getting ready to go somehwere and it’s REALLY time to get in the car I say “last one in the car get’s a smooch on the belly” no actual belly smooching has been done, but they sure understand that’s time to get going.

      The hard part last week was the activities were different and I failed in getting dinner on time to make it possible. business is not next to Godliness

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