turning a corner

We turned a corner today. I wonder how many more times I will turn this very same corner? Parenting many children does feel like driving around in circles at times.

I decided to wait out the chore chart. I sat everyone down, reminded them where the chore chart is, told them I would direct them to it ONCE a day and then they would just accumulate chores like the United States accumulating debt. They had other suggestions, like mom should remind them all as often as needed, or ditch the chore chart, or why do we have to clean anyway…the chores started flying just about when the eyes started rolling.

Then worse (well better for me and husband, but worse for chores) we left on a date that night. They cooked, they set the table, they…fizzled in a heap and read their books. No one was going to be there to check up on them.

So when I came home from my date, I refused to do their chores. I also didn’t wake them up because I LIKE SLEEP. Good for you if you can get them out of bed and start them at their chores. I’m not you, but you have probably noticed that before now. So today when they woke up they discovered that dishes and floors and counters were all patiently waiting for them. Dishes are even less fun the next day, and I detest making breakfast having to wade through the remnants of yesterday, but we survived.

They all took it like Kellys. They accepted that I surely wasn’t going all out on saturday morning breakfast because I couldn’t see the counters. (Accepted means they mumbled in silence and out of my hearing so they didn’t continue receiving more chores). Before dinner there was significant progress and dinner chores were all done!

After dinner we played a game together-it was cozy, I beat all my children by a lovely, wide margin in Rummy. There was a wonderful feeling of saturday being preparation for Sunday and chores done… and then I noticed that people had snuck (sneaked? snookered? snuckeded?) in and snacked and did NOT put their dishes away. (nor did the darling 3yo pick up her carrot peelings-she can peel it herself, hurrah-carrot stains and sticks like that Rebecca Black Friday song that I refuse to link-boo) The children have learned they can’t leave dishes in the sink so they leave them on the TABLE!

One corner turner, next obstacle met. It’d be nice for once to have a straight away and pick up speed…but I did say I felt like I was driving in circles.

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3 Responses to turning a corner

  1. Elizabeth McLatchy says:

    Simple solution… no meals until the chores are done. Natural reminder 3 times a day by their own stomachs… Just a thought, heaven knows I’d be too hungry to stick to it… or maybe I’d eat in front of them. I’m not great mom material so God only gave me 2 children… that will have to raise me.

    • I’m too hungry to stick to it as well…my hypoglycemia makes frequent eating a necessity. Some of my children have the same problem. But they neednt’ leave the table without doing their jobs. It’s just going to be a matter of sticking to it.

      • Elizabeth McLatchy says:

        I understand. And I empathize. I think Jim’s borderline hypoglycemic. I’m proud of your diligence to the goal and am cheering on your efforts… and their’s! Someday it will be a well chiseled wheel and things will be smoother and more effective for all the effort.

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