good habits

WOOHOO!! Happy Dance! We are definitely starting to reap the benefits of good habits. This has been a tough week for habits. Two days we’ve had 3 or more extra children until after 9pm. Dinners with 13 or 14 children around is a little chaotic. Normally when I have a few extra children over I give myself a pass. Then add to that a holiday week. This is normally another time I give myself a pass. I don’t know how I expect us to have clothes to wear or clean dishes to eat on when I’m not doing what we normally do. What ends up happening is we muddle through the holiday and then the week after is UGGGH.

Last night I didn’t make dinner, I didn’t put the food away, I didn’t sweep or set the table. I didn’t unload the dishwasher…but it all got done. It was wonderful for my husband to just pick up the chore chart and know who to ask…AND because the children have gotten into the habit of doing it, there was less discussion and frustration and grumpiness.

The funny/ridiculous thing was it was my night to do dishes. Even after everything else was done, I didn’t want to do it. I had finally nursed the baby to sleep, it was almost 9 and the little were all asleep. My husband was ready to watch a movie…he doesn’t work tomorrow and the holiday mood was setting in strongly. It only took 8 minutes to do the dshes. Amazing. I then sat down to the movie with a clean kitchen.

Now during these last two months I have gotten frustrated at times because my children can make messes so completely and so quickly. In this week, if someone stopped over at random moments they would either think I’m a horrible housekeeper or a pretty good one. I’m a little disappointed in that. I kinda hoped this would mean I would avoid those front door surprises (and I had a few this week).

Last night was a reminder again that a clean house isn’t what I’m doing fly lady for. I’m doing fly lady to get me in good routines and to provide the environment I want for my children. We are all more creative, we behave better and it’s just plain safer when we clean. We also enjoy all those wonderful benefits of working together. I’m doing this so it’s my habit to clean the kitchen even on a holiday after a long week. With the chore chart functioning the dishes have been done in the 7 or 8 o’ clock hour instead of around 10pm. That’s wonderful!

A house isn’t going to stay clean with children…but good habits developed are an amazing, wonderful thing!

Now I just need to clean my bedroom, which for some reason became the site of a huge tent/house/stuffed animal game that I somehow failed to notice.

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One Response to good habits

  1. Elizabeth McLatchy says:

    Congratulations… I don’t even attempt to enlist the troops unless it’s laundry or toys yet. Glad to see you enjoying the effects of your hard work. Love you.

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