tracking from the deep end

Hello, my name is Britt and I’m a messaholic. Last weekend I was struggling with three main things…I had promised my children to use the computer less, it was a holiday, and my teeth went absolutely nutso causing pain and swelling!. If you stir these things together you DON’T get a good blog posting environment…or a clean environment either. I’ve heard it said that when you are stressed you go back to what you are used to not what you know you should do.

Here’s a recap for you of my weekend…I was trying to maintain some semblance of holiday while holding an onion on my cheek. What? You don’t hold onions on your cheek randomly and swig garlic? My husband called it my onion cell phone. I was eating lots of vegetables and raw foods so my body could have the best possible hope of getting rid of the infection that was making me look like a one cheeked chipmunk. (I did go to the dentist Monday and I am the happy owner of really special teeth. So special I need a specialist to perform a lovely double root canal—NEXT THURSDAY). Now this is Easter…so while I was trying to do this I was also trying to make a lovely dinner, have good solid family time, spend extra time at church and encourage my little to sit still while the olders sang in the choir with husband.

I was NOT trying to clean. I kinda pretended a little that I was doing some of it, but really no. The fly baby that is me crash landed and told itself it was a temporary refueling stop…then I ran for it.

Now we have a few children..and as has been documented one good child can send your home to chaosville in a few short, energetic hours of play. My children had a weekend.

My husband lovingly did not once mention the blog, cleaning, or anything of the sort. He did laundry and cooked and cleaned and basically tried to make me laugh and didn’t take me too seriously.

Starting yesterday I began to think I needed to blog. I needed to be accountable, and that is part of what this blog is…coming face to face with the philosophy I believe in. I’ve been thinking I need to be a little more specific in my accountability.

In any good diet, you track what you eat. Why? Because we lie to ourselves constantly…or we conveniently don’t really look at the exact truth. We tell ourselves we’ll just have one serving of ice cream, then we eat half the carton…the larger half. We tell ourselves we haven’t eaten much today, but 8 little diet looking like meals…adds up to a lot. All those walk through the kitchen munchies add up. At least that’s my experience having 8 times having had to loose baby weight. It doesn’t just jump off. You have to actually eat less and exercise. It does not work if you actually eat more, but tell yourself it’s less, and stopping every exercise video because the kids interrupt you and end up counting your very slow walk to the park half a block away. If this becomes the norm….you end up gaining weight.

I’m an expert at counting what doesn’t count.

Something is always going to pop up in life..some obstacle, new situation, new circumstance or issue. One of the things I wanted to do was change the basic things I do every day so I can even in chaos, keep our home running smoothly. I understood that maybe I wouldn’t do the weekly zone on a really tough day, but I wanted to maintain the routines AND make less excuses on the bigger issues.

Instead I found myself whittling away at the daily routines…making the bare minimum so bare as to be unrecognizable. Instead of “cleaning”, I need to make sure I do Every. Step.

Time to track my cleaning, and probably reread my own blog.

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