a tale of two houses

Last week I was planning out what I wanted to work on before my parents came to visit. I had high hopes that I would be able to tackle a wall in my bedroom that was full of boxes and a basket or four of clean laundry. It had nothing to do with their visit. My parents are great and wouldn’t have said a word about it…but I like deadlines and was using their arrival as a goal. I had also hoped to get to the bottom of my laundry pile…the very bottom not near the bottom, then start on the children’s laundry because so and so needs something for such and such. So when I called my parents Tuesday to check on when they were arriving the next day, and they said they were actually just two hours away….I um….well. Chickens, heads cut off…you know. I did NOT keep doing the dishes I had started. I did not do the half hours worth of tidying that would have mattered. I started on my room. No that doesn’t make sense, but that’s what I did. Only instead of carefully sorting through the boxes as I had been doing on Monday…I sorted and folded the laundry at warp speed then started shuffling boxes around. We will not discuss how many ended up in my closet. I roped my children into my crazy deadline, effectively stressing everyone BUT ending up with a cleaner home and an empty laundry basket. As with many big cleaning projects, much of the time was spent in chaos. chaos with good music playing in the background.

Then came their visit. Flylady schmylady…I don’t need a schedule. I just need my mother! When I am sat down in the middle of the chore it is magically finished. Dishes were washed while I nursed, children distracted while I did other chores, even my bookshelf sorting project which was not high on my priority list but was nagging was started in those amazing two days. At one point we had four children sitting with their math workbooks and four adults…sure that’s what homeschool normally looks like ;). The next day as I read aloud my mom distracted the darling three year old. Errands were completed while simultaneously laundry was being done. It’s like I was cloned, but with a better personality and work ethic…oh and my children liked me better. Even I liked my clone better. I had adult conversation while I did my chores.. My husband and I had a double date with my parents to the temple. It was dreamy.

Then they left. Literally less than two hours later I discovered the water was off. My husband’s insistence that he had delivered the auto-pay form met with the water companies neck deep red tape. Sure they had cashed the check he delievered WITH the auto-pay form; they had mysteriously kept track of that…but the form was no where…oh and they were sure it wasn’t the right form anyway. How they knew that without having it shows amazing omniscience on their part. We suffer from a definite lack of omniscience, just ask our teenage daughters. For example, we did not think to check with the company to see if the paperwork had gone through.To compensate for our lack of omniscience, they wanted my husband to be there to sign something (not me because that would have been possible!! and they don’t take two people on an account as divorced people apparently turn each other’s water off for creative revenge-let’s punish the normal people because some people are idiots!). He has a job. YAY, but he can’t exactly leave the classroom to compensate for their office closing at 4pm. Oh and they don’t take cash or credit cards or debit cards…. They have a unique form of customer service. sigh. He signed the form, but wasn’t able to pay them that day…so 28 hours without water.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have expereince with water outages. So I didn’t skip a beat with cooking or drinking. I had plenty of water stored. I didn’t take into account washing dishes. oops. It’s challenging to simultaneously poor water while washing dishes…and it takes too much water to soak and scrub dishes for 11 people. Heating up water on the stove to wash your dishes? Not. a. chance. Basically a chore I dislike is now infestisimately harder, and I have less time to do it. I need to disperse water various other places (bathrooms),get a cashier’s check, and find paperwork-maybe…just maybe THAT should have been my pre-parents coming goal.

It may or may not surprise you that no laundry was done. The empty laundry basket is no empty.

Did I mention the baby has figured out how to push chairs and climb on them and thinks she can swivel the rocking chair around enough to climb onto the piano?

Which all goes to reinforce my theory that no matter what I do, we are constantly one step away from chaos.

This week was basically like a tornado..with my parent’s visit as the very peaceful eye of the tornado. Or like I lived in two parallel universes..my house and life WITH my parents and without!

We did happen to mention to my parents that the house across the street is for sale. If only they didn’t have a life, because they make mine MUCH more possible.

WATER it’s good stuff.

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2 Responses to a tale of two houses

  1. Elizabeth McLatchy says:

    Funny, but I’m sorry. You are a gangbuster at going w/ the flow. I’d have been checked in long ago! Love keeping up w/ your days. And don’t worry, I know this is life but not you. Keep it up, Sister, you’re doing great!

  2. Christina Lyon Maughan says:

    WOW! Your Mom is amazing. It sounds like you resemble her. Also, I don’t believe that clean, well organized house, correlates to happiness or eternal progression. I think everyone is really one step away from chaos, you just happen to admit it!

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