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motherhood…isn’t it about time?

I’ve been thinking this morning about the internet. In my lifetime there has been a fundamental shift, similar to the shift from farms and fields to cities. This fundamental shift is a change in interpersonal relationships. The internet has changed … Continue reading

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tracking from the deep end

Hello, my name is Britt and I’m a messaholic. Last weekend I was struggling with three main things…I had promised my children to use the computer less, it was a holiday, and my teeth went absolutely nutso causing pain and … Continue reading

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turning a corner

We turned a corner today. I wonder how many more times I will turn this very same corner? Parenting many children does feel like driving around in circles at times. I decided to wait out the chore chart. I sat … Continue reading

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chore charts-lessons not yet learned

So there it hangs on the wall. Every single night this week dinner has been a rush as children go one way with one parent and another way with another parent, or the parents go some where, or something is … Continue reading

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chore charts and earning your promotion

I had to laugh as I opened the blog this morning with trepitation. I had skipped two days. yes I was busy creating a chore chart and having a wonderful date with my husband. What greated me: “Anything worth doing … Continue reading

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away from home

Surely you’ve noticed that the less time you spend at home, the worse it looks…even when no one is in the home to mess it up. This is a miracle. It is not a miracle when the mom leaves various … Continue reading

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