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Life is all about learning. These are posts that talk about homeschool, or they discuss what we are learning about getting our house organized.

motherhood…isn’t it about time?

I’ve been thinking this morning about the internet. In my lifetime there has been a fundamental shift, similar to the shift from farms and fields to cities. This fundamental shift is a change in interpersonal relationships. The internet has changed … Continue reading

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chore charts and earning your promotion

I had to laugh as I opened the blog this morning with trepitation. I had skipped two days. yes I was busy creating a chore chart and having a wonderful date with my husband. What greated me: “Anything worth doing … Continue reading

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Happy Chaos theory

After another late night of volleyball, I’ve spent the morning rotating laundry and studying chaos theory. Doesn’t that sound like something a mom intuitively knows about?  Let’s explore… this video gives an overview…  1-“when we first discovered chaos”-bwahaha.  This is … Continue reading

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The Physics of motherhood

Though it’s spring break, I’m thinking about physics. A long time ago in a land far, far away I went to highschool. I had a fabulous teacher, Mr. Harvey. His love for physics and his sheer energy were contagious. He … Continue reading

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interdisciplinary education

My sink is still shiny and it is slightly spreading to other areas. BUT I am behind, I know fly lady says otherwise, but I do have eyes and it’s true. I don’t have CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome), I have … Continue reading

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