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phases of cleaning…hitting the wall.

No I’m not running a marathon.  My knees would protest quite loudly, long before I finished tying my shoes.  I’m talking about hitting the cleaning wall.  I didn’t even really identify what was happening until yesterday when I made the … Continue reading

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It’s spring break! We get 9 lovely days with my husband! Let the routines be … uh oh. Does anyone else have a little trouble maintaining routines with their darling husband around? He’s on vacation! He wants to sleep in … Continue reading

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I am not behind…kinda

So last night the oldest 4 children had youth night at church.  My dear husband normally takes them but he had a Basketball banquet. That could mean that I would take everyone and then somehow exist in the church with … Continue reading

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A whole week! Somehow I have survived a whole week of Fly Lady My children see a clean house as a sort of blank canvas awaiting their creativity to become the perfect work of art. This has increased their creativity … Continue reading

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