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dragging my feet

In the past few weeks we’ve dealt, and are still dealing with: a major plumbing snaffu-resulting in a new toilet and clean carpets, my oven stopped working, the A/C is fritzy, my husband was out of town for a week, … Continue reading

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tracking from the deep end

Hello, my name is Britt and I’m a messaholic. Last weekend I was struggling with three main things…I had promised my children to use the computer less, it was a holiday, and my teeth went absolutely nutso causing pain and … Continue reading

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chore charts and earning your promotion

I had to laugh as I opened the blog this morning with trepitation. I had skipped two days. yes I was busy creating a chore chart and having a wonderful date with my husband. What greated me: “Anything worth doing … Continue reading

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ramblings…in which are mentioned the subtle differences between motherhood and a prison camp

Good thing I’m not in dish debt!  Too bad there isn’t such a thing as a dish savings account (unless you count paper…hmmm I can’t tell you how many times it has crossed my mind that it would be easier … Continue reading

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phases of cleaning…hitting the wall.

No I’m not running a marathon.  My knees would protest quite loudly, long before I finished tying my shoes.  I’m talking about hitting the cleaning wall.  I didn’t even really identify what was happening until yesterday when I made the … Continue reading

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Happy Chaos theory

After another late night of volleyball, I’ve spent the morning rotating laundry and studying chaos theory. Doesn’t that sound like something a mom intuitively knows about?  Let’s explore… this video gives an overview… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6NnCOs20GQ&NR=1  1-“when we first discovered chaos”-bwahaha.  This is … Continue reading

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how family work looks in my house (and sounds…don’t forget the sound)

 Yesterday’s post was primarily for me . I needed to read that article again and remind myself  that it IS worth it to involve the children in work.  *I* needed the reminder.  Frequently the rewards are so few and far … Continue reading

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Family Work

It’s boring. It’s menial. If I could afford it, I’d get a maid.  It’s repetitive. Anyone can do it…but of course they don’t, so I do it.  It’s beneath me.  I’d rather be doing something more fun or more important.  … Continue reading

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The Physics of motherhood

Though it’s spring break, I’m thinking about physics. A long time ago in a land far, far away I went to highschool. I had a fabulous teacher, Mr. Harvey. His love for physics and his sheer energy were contagious. He … Continue reading

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habits meet plumbing

So Saturday night I had a date.  YAY!  But our team lost! NAY! They really lost…couldn’t make a shot, kept handing the ball over to the other team.  gave the game away in a nice beautifully wrapped package. sigh.  I … Continue reading

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