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motherhood…isn’t it about time?

I’ve been thinking this morning about the internet. In my lifetime there has been a fundamental shift, similar to the shift from farms and fields to cities. This fundamental shift is a change in interpersonal relationships. The internet has changed … Continue reading

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away from home

Surely you’ve noticed that the less time you spend at home, the worse it looks…even when no one is in the home to mess it up. This is a miracle. It is not a miracle when the mom leaves various … Continue reading

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phases of cleaning…hitting the wall.

No I’m not running a marathon.  My knees would protest quite loudly, long before I finished tying my shoes.  I’m talking about hitting the cleaning wall.  I didn’t even really identify what was happening until yesterday when I made the … Continue reading

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how family work looks in my house (and sounds…don’t forget the sound)

 Yesterday’s post was primarily for me . I needed to read that article again and remind myself  that it IS worth it to involve the children in work.  *I* needed the reminder.  Frequently the rewards are so few and far … Continue reading

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The Physics of motherhood

Though it’s spring break, I’m thinking about physics. A long time ago in a land far, far away I went to highschool. I had a fabulous teacher, Mr. Harvey. His love for physics and his sheer energy were contagious. He … Continue reading

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habits meet plumbing

So Saturday night I had a date.  YAY!  But our team lost! NAY! They really lost…couldn’t make a shot, kept handing the ball over to the other team.  gave the game away in a nice beautifully wrapped package. sigh.  I … Continue reading

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I am not behind…kinda

So last night the oldest 4 children had youth night at church.  My dear husband normally takes them but he had a Basketball banquet. That could mean that I would take everyone and then somehow exist in the church with … Continue reading

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the judgement of an open door

Yesterday I had a few experiences that reminded me why I’m doing this and just how behind I am.  My husband has decreed that next week’s spring break will be spring cleaning.  He listed off a bunch of projects he … Continue reading

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Situations Awaiting Wisdom

TADA! A shiny sink. WOOHOO!  It is shiny. I’m too tired to be grinning ear to ear, so that may be a little forced. It doesn’t exactly feel like a hug from Fly Lady either, it’s a little too shiny … Continue reading

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Monday motivation Mother-the anti sisyphus

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “how do you do it?” This blog is written, in part,  to answer that question.  The answer right now is… not as well as I’d like. In the last 6 years we’ve moved … Continue reading

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